Videos & Webcasts




Keynote speech to 200 CFOs in Milan, Italy (75 seconds): “CFO Summit”


Loyola Marymount University Paul A. Grosch Lecture Series - October, 2015 (60 minutes): “Analytics-Based Enterprise Performance Management” 


Dukascopy TV on Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A) (6 minutes): "Forces Creating Modern FP&A"


International Institute for Performance Improvement - March 3, 2017 (60 minutes): “Analytics-Based Enterprise Performance Management”

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Business Analytics Collaborative (BAC) 

BAC Expert Bio (3 min): "Meet the Expert" 


BAC Expert Briefing (35 min): "Analytics-Based EPM"


Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)

IMA Interview on Budgeting and Rolling Financial Forecasts (3 min): "Embracing Change"


IMA Interview on Enterprise Performance Management (3 min): "Embracing Change Part 2"


IMA Podcasts (2 min): “Analytics for the CFO FP&A Function” Overview / Hindsight Insights / Foresight


Three Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) Videos (3 minutes):

"Enterprise and Corporate Performance Management (EPM/CPM) Methods"


Business Analytics Collaborative (BAC) (36 minutes): "Expert Briefing" (Login to view.) 

Europe Presentation (3 minutes): “8 Forces Creating Interest in EPM”


Europe presentation (9 minutes): “Introduction to EPM”


Business Finance Magazine: Overcoming EPM Roadblocks  


Netherlands Magazine: Interview on EPM


Capacity-Sensitive Driver-Based Rolling Financial Forecasts (7 minutes): “Driver Based Budgeting & Rolling Forecasts”




60 Minute Webinar Recordings

“Analytics-Based Enterprise Performance Management” (Proformative)

(Note: Registration required)