My Responsibility to Give Back

My Responsibility to Give Back

I have been fortunate to have enjoyed a meaningful career with valuable experiences, but responsibilities come with having been fortunate. Now is the time in my life to give back. Responsibility involves trying to use one’s talents to their fullest potential. I’ve had 40 years of accumulating experiences in so many various settings and industries. I feel I have a responsibility to share what I have learned.


My blog on "Privilege and Responsibilities"

If you have time, please read my personal feelings about being privileged but having responsibilities that go with privilege. It is in this link of one of my articles.

The article begins with this first paragraph:

"With so much global change and innovation going on, some readers seek understanding to make sense of it all. I try to meet that need with my blogs and articles. However based on reflections of my childhood followed by a forty year working career, I write this piece about my feelings and emotions resulting from having had the fortune and opportunity to make contributions. I have been privileged to have had many and diverse opportunities to learn about managing organizations, but it comes with responsibilities."